Prof. Herbert Klinger

Prof. Herbert Klinger

Artistic Director of the Vienna Police Wind Orchestra and Vienna Wind Music Society

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Dear young musicians,

I am very pleased to welcome all of you to Vienna, the world capital of music and of course to the "World Orchestra Festival" that has been annually held in Vienna.

The "World Orchestra Festival" aims at providing a platform for talented young musicians and orchestras who want to exchange experiences, who want to present themselves and their music to an international audience and who want to work on their musical expression.

It's a great pleasure for me to join in this mission and act as one of your coaches. In times of political uncertainties and conflicts, the promotion of world peace through music is more important than it has ever been before.

Let's take this unifying power of music and use it to create a peaceful, fair and harmonious future: one future - our beautiful future! 

I wish you lots of success and a great time here in Vienna!

Herbert Klinger
"One Future" World Orchestra Festival
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