Celebration and Competition

Celebration and Competition

There are two main categories at the World Orchestra Festival: category “Celebration” and category “Competition”. On its free will, each participating orchestra can choose and join in one of the main category.

1. Celebration:
Let's play together for the "One Future, Our Better Future!

All orchestras are welcome to join in the "Celebration" (non-competitive) category of the festival!

In addition to the regular concerts and performances provided by the festival, workshops coached by renowned Austrian and international music experts and educators (e.g. member of the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, professors at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Royal College of Music in London, etc.) will be offered to the orchestras which choose this category. Also concerts and performances in local culture center/social institutions in and around Vienna will be organized for the orchestras additionally.

2. Competition:
Let's try our best for the "One Future, Our Better Future"!

Even competition is not the ultimate goal of the festival, but to encourage further development of the orchestras and their musicians, the festival provides an open and fair chance for orchestras, on their free will, to present themselves in a way of competition. The jury consists of world well-known orchestral conductors, music experts and educators . 

Orchestras participating in the category "Competition" should follow rules and conditions described below:

2.1 Competition categories:

According to the types of the orchestra and ages of its members, there are following competition categories:


Age /


Symphony Orchestra

String / Chamber


Wood & Brass Band

Folk Music Orchestra

Marching Band

Percussion Ensemble

Jazz Band, contemporary music band

< 12 children








13 – 15 Teenager








16 – 18 Youth








> 19 Adult








Mixed, no age limit







Notice: orchestras must meet the age requirements. Max. 10% of the orchestra members of each orchestra are allowed to exceed the age limit.

2.2 Performance and duration:

Each orchestra has to play as follows:
1)One music piece of European classic music;
2)One music piece of folk music from the homeland;
The orchestra can choose the above music pieces at its will. The total time of the performance has to be less than 15 minutes. In case the total time of the 2 music pieces is much less than 15 minutes, the orchestra can play an additional music piece at its free choice.

2.3 Score:

The scores of the music works have to be sent to the artistic committee of the festival in advance (3 months prior to the festival begin). The score provided must be universal stave. The scores provided will not be returned to the orchestra.

2.4 Music works:

 Both original music works and the adapted music works by other composers are welcome. The Festival Artistic Committee reserves the right to return music works which do not meet regulations or which are controversial.

2.5 Alteration of repertoire:
Once the repertoire is confirmed by the Festival Artistic Committee, the orchestra can't change the repertoire and the playing order without the written permission of the artistic committee of the festival. Any change without authorization the artistic committee of the festival will lead to disqualification of the orchestra.

2.6 Sound amplification, accompanying Instruments:

1) no recorded playback is allowed;
2) no sound amplification/microphone is allowed, other than by orchestras or contemporary bands;

2.7 The starting order:
The starting order of the competition uses draft lottery drawn by the Festival Artistic Committee and generally cannot be changed, except in special cases.

2.8 The jury:
The members of the jury consist of world well-known orchestral conductors, music experts and educators. The decision of the jury shall be deemed final.

2.9 Evaluation of the achievement:
The jury will use a 30 points system and judge according to following rules;

Scoring Criteria
Technical criteria (Intonation, Tone, Rhythm, dynamics, speed, agogic, integration of different instruments, etc) 10 points

Music and artistic criteria (interpretation, style, etc) 10 points

Artistic overall Impression (program selection, integrity of program, stage presentation, artistic expression etc.) 10 points

Total Score
30 points

2.10 Awards:

In each category the prizes of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Recognition will be awarded.
Category:  Gold 25 – 30 points
Category:  Silver 20 – 24.99 points
Category:  Bronze 15 – 19.99 points
Category: Recognition < 15 points
Special awards in relation to special outstanding performance and quality of the orchestra, its conductor, pianist etc. could be awarded, based on the decision of the artistic committee.

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