• Cancellation of offline World Orchestra Festival 2021 and Opening of online event of 2021

    Dear Music Friends, Due to the bad influnce from the COVID-19,the offline event of World Orchestra Festival in Vienna in 2021 has to be cancelled. In the difficult time, music is much more important to connect people from different countries , different nationalities and different belief and different skin color. ...

  • The World Orchestra Festival goes online!

    Music - encouraging, purifying and unifying!

    In difficult times like today, music plays a more important role than ever! To continue the meaningful forms of online music activities and to exhibit the talents and achievement of orchestras specially the young orchestras and ensembles around the world, ...

  • The 9th World Orchestra Festival welcomes you!

    in Vienna, Austria from July 22nd to July 25th, 2021

    The World Orchestra Festival aims to provide a platform for all kinds of orchestras and musicians to perform, to learn, to compete, to communicate, to establish and deepen friendships. ...

  • Cancellation of World Orchestra Festival 2020

    Dear Music Friends, we had hope that due to the fast and courageous counter measures for the COVID-19 pandemic by the Austrian Government the situation would ease off in time and the World Orchestra Festival could take place as planned. ...

  • Motto of the World Orchestra Festival - “One World, One Future”

    As the Honorary Patron of the World Orchestra Festival, Dr. Heinz Fisher, former President of the Republic of Austria said, “Our world is getting increasingly smaller, owing to modern traffic means and communication technologies. ...

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