We are proud for giving the opportunity that our leading directive “One Future”has been joined by so many musicians in Vienna for the 5th time. The international “World Orchestra Festival”in Vienna provides young and adult artists a platform for practicing their musical experience at famous Austrian stages in and off Vienna as well as for improving their skills guided in workshops and master classes by very famous Austrian musicians and teachers.

The Opening Ceremony in Front of the City Hall of Vienna

20th July 2017

After a short musical introduction of the “Künstler Ensemble”of Vienna, Ernst Woller, the representative of the City of Vienna, Prof. Helmut Zehetner, president of the Artistic Committee of“One Future - The World Orchestra Festival”and vice-chairman of the Vienna Philharmonics, Prof. B. Zushan, vice-president of the Artistic Committee, and Col. Bernhard Heher, head of the music guards of the Austrian Armed Forces attended the opening ceremony. 

They welcomed the arrival of orchestras from Europe and China. In front of the City Hall of Vienna 5 youth brass orchestras with more than 240 young musicians, and at last, the brass and wind orchestra of the music guards of the Armed Austrian Forces concluded the opening ceremony with the famous      “Radetzkymarsch".

Orchestra Competition and Workshops

21st- 22nd July 2017

On July 21st and 22nd, the workshops and the world orchestra competition were held in the Vienna Boys’Choir  Concert Hall, the music art institution at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and in the Maria-Theresien  casern. 

Prof. Zehetner , vice-president of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Prof. Hackl, professor of  the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, and president of the Austrian Society of Contemporary Music, Prof. B. Zushan, vice-president of the Artistic Committee , Prof. Klinger, chief director of the Vienna Police Wind Orchestra and and Music Director of the Viennese Wind Music Society, and, at last, Col. Heher, head of the music guards of the Austrian Armed Forces, taught in the workshops.

Concerts were held in Rossatz, in Berndorf and in front of the City Hall of Vienna. After inspiring master classes on the second day.  15 orchestras participated at the orchestra competition on the third day of the event.  

Afterwards, in the evening a relaxing party was arranged for the members in the famous Heuriger“Das Schreiberhaus”in Neustift am Walde.  Members from all over the world gathered together, singing and dancing, and enjoying the joy and ease!


Gala Concerts in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein

23rd July 2017

On the last afternoon and evening, at the gala concerts in the famous Golden Hall of the Musikverein all orchestras from Europe and China performed their favourite music giving an impressive and emotional interpretation of their musical capabilities. Several orchestras were awarded after the gala concerts. At the very end of the gala concert all members of all orchestras, altogether on the stage, performed the“Radetzkymarsch”directed by Col. Heher.


The World Orchestra Festival Welcomes You!

Dates for upcoming festivals:

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